Are the products by Michael Cheney better value than crypto?

Are the products by Michael Cheney better value than crypto? Here are 7 reasons to support my theory

What are the Michael Cheney products

Michael Cheney has been in the market for 20 years so there are too many products to list but we will look at some of the later ones and go through what you need to know.

Profit Alliance
10k Accelerator
Apprentice millionaire
7 figure launch entry to all

Everyone needs some social proof and Michael comes with a stream of followers in the money.
His claim is that he has made millions and he wants to give it all back.


Off course they are all guaranteed with a 30-day money-back guarantee except when you commit to
the site-building exercise. They spend considerable time setting this up and guarantee you will get an income from it. However, you do have a right to leave at any time.


This should always be high on your list of priorities when assessing any program. In Fact, I won’t settle for anything less than living with 24-7 support when I am putting my money on the table.
Michael goes one step further with this and has a mentoring program with a by-appointment mentor review.
Here you get encouragement and ideas and lead to ways that work for you.

Are the products by Michael Cheney better value than crypto?

Educational content

The Cheney operation is all about training and a live meeting is held every week where discussions vary on relevant subjects. You can also access ebook-style learning from lessons to help everyone.

Transparency and Drawbacks

In most cases, everything is done for you except for one very important element. You are expected to continuously gather new customers. Of course, they show you what works and how to do it but success really does depend entirely on your efforts. The rate of growth, therefore, depends on your contribution so you can not lay blame on anyone else.

What are your objections?

In some products, the $9 entry fee will have a second-tier payment that will stretch some of you.
I believe there are some over promises like earning $ 10k a month after three months. It is possible but highly unlikely for the novice and would need an exceptional effort

Passive income

For a small contribution, it is possible to get extremely high returns that once in motion will pay for years to come. Those returns can then be invested to maximise performance and provide outstanding value.
Everyone should have different methods to market so that their performance can be balanced across the portfolio

Are the products by Michael Cheney better value than crypto?
A bumpy ride

Continuous enhancement

You certainly can’t throw a product at the market and hope it will survive, the market changes and so do the people so new and innovative ways need to be delivered to stay abreast of the proliferation of products offered.
To Michaels’s credit, he is always entertaining the latest ways and sharing the results so that you can copy the methods that work. TikTok, youtube, email everything is tried and documented for you


The range of products is exceptional, the support excellent and the income ability above average so all in all this group represents excellent value. A balanced portfolio will maintain your investments during a roller coaster ride.

Are the products by Michael Cheney better value than crypto by Peter Hanley

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