What can you do when the Crypto market is down

What can you do when the Crypto market is down and funds are Idle? Even Warren Buffet says multiple income streams are necessary

Opportunities rise and fall

The crypto market and indeed the stock market is going to have periods of time when large fluctuations.
You will know that the upward trend is going to be consistent over time but you need to ride out those periods when the arse drops out of the market. It has happened before and it will happen again so hedge your investments to stay the distance.

Unfortunately, markets tend to follow themselves so when one is down it is an all-down scene.
Then the governments start playing with currencies and inflation problems thus manipulating an already disturbed market.

The life of an investor is not all bells and whistles, it has its hard days.

Gold was always the fallback guy

Yes buy Gold and put it under the bed, inflation will get your money back. But sorry it does not work any more. The price of Gold is static. Inflation is in double digits so your bedroom stash is going backward.

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Macrotrends from the 100-year chart

The US Dollar is always your friend

Of course, it is, the Government print it like confetti to keep it stable so that looks like a great idea.
However, I am not betting on a great outcome and I am not a day trader so that is out.

A passive online income

I turned my mind to finding a different sort of income. I want a regular monthly amount to cover my basic expenses whilst I play the lotto with my share trading and Crypto assets.

This is not a big call but I realise the internet has more dodgy schemes than anywhere else so we need to be very careful.
First of all, I am an old guy with a very long, been there done that, record so I come with some experience.

I have played for several years in Affiliate marketing and done all the hard work but I wanted something different. The term passive income really ticked the box but can you find a suitable product that meets a high chance of success?
* It must be proven to be working
* The generation of income must be shown
* All the set-up and leg work done
* A great communications and support channel
*Allow some control over the future.

This was a hard list to achieve but I did find the ultimate answer

What can you do when the Crypto market is down
Could you live on this?

When the chips are down drawing on capital is heartbreak and really softens the whole portfolio. You are selling at cents in the dollar when you know the upturn is just around the corner and your capital has shrunk by a big percentage simply because you had to eat.

You might call it Insurance or protection but that other passive income source may just save your bacon.

Read how your income will start almost immediately guaranteed. A big call but your newly built system will come pre-loaded with some paying customers so you are really off to the races.
A weekly live meeting will keep you well informed of all the new developments plus access to a marketing Mentor will be available.

You will be expected to contribute to the marketing with special Facebook methods that really attract new players. If you are a bit on the lazy side then paying for some traffic will yield even faster results.

Is Ten Thousand the maximum? Hell no, you can go on to any length to build a sustainable income flow and even invest the profits in your favourite Crypto to double the reward.

Of course, results vary but having a good look at this opportunity will open your eyes to an opportunity offered to a select group. The doors will close so if you are late I apologise we can’t all be winners.


This really does qualify as a low-cost, high-return passive investment that should be in the hands of every investor. You can thank me later.

What can you do when the Crypto market is down

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