How high can Bitcoin go

How high can Bitcoin go before it reaches the top and when should you consider selling your holding

The answer is a million dollars or zero

Price predictions are always best guesses however the past always has something to say.

How high can Bit Coin Go

Bitcoin and indeed all coins are subject to price fluctuations and the occasional large correction.

However, it has traditionally returned to a higher level each time.
If it was to just double every year the magic million would be possible in just over four years. That is very possible.

The top traders or large holders own most of the coins and they see Bitcoin as a future investment gain.

People like Cathey Woods, Michael Saylor, Blackrock investments, Elon Musk, and of course the founders are holding their stake thus reducing supply to the market.

Bloomberg recently stated that as few as 1000 Whales ( Large investors) own 40% of all coins on the market.
This opens up to market manipulation should they so choose to make life difficult for mums and dads.

Is Bitcoin a store of value or a fad

On basics Bitcoin is probably worthless yet it is valued at nearly half of the whole crypto market so it has something going for it.

However, we could value Bitcoin as a disruptive technology that has shaken the world by its sheer audacity to take a place in the market.
We have seen Amazon, Facebook, and Google change the very structure of our future and were all shares that would have made us millionaires if we had faith in them and bought early.

Is bitcoin any different as it sets out to change the way we live

currently, Bitcoin is valued at $1.25 trillion
Apple $2.10 trillion
Amazon $ 1.60 trillion
Google $1.83 trillion
Facebook $1.01 trillion

These are the technologies that change the world.

Therefore for Bitcoin to equal Apple, it needs to double in price plus match a 20% annual growth
thus in a year a conservative $3 trillion or close to $150,000 a share.

Interestingly the biggest Altcoins is Etherium at $500 billion lagging a long way behind

Is this Bitcoin value real

Why do we know that Bitcoin will reach $307,000 within months, and $12 million by 2031”

The headline of a new summit hosted by some of the leading industry figures being held on November 21

The Winklevoss twins — the famous Bitcoin billionaires — have said that Bitcoin has the potential to reach $500,000 by 2030, which would put its market cap on par with that of gold, which is running at around $9 trillion.16 Sept 2021

Billionaire venture capitalist and bitcoin investor Tim Draper is sticking by his prediction that bitcoin will reach $250,000 by the end of 2022 or early 2023 despite the cryptocurrency’s wild swings in value.

Crypto basic training

What will stop Bitcoins growth

The crypto market players talk about Black Swan events or situations that change the global markets.
examples have been Covid-19, 9-11 Bombing, A financial crash, and a few middle east wars that have had big impacts.

US legislation if let lose could impact and a Chinese Yen Coin may make a difference. Unfortunately, we can not predict these future events except that we should be very aware of the possibility.
They will drop the market very quickly so your trigger finger should be ready.

As Corporations hold a large percentage of the coin market manipulation of price could happen. However, this is usually done to drive the market lower to allow new buying opportunities.

It is indeed a volatile situation.

Are your savings disappearing?

Worldwide inflation is running at a figure near 5% and bank interest is at Zero to two percent. This would mean that you are falling behind every month of the year.

The dollar is depreciating and the share market is on a wild ride that is hard to reign in.

Many currencies stand the risk of being wiped out and in many countries, housing values are going through the roof leaving many out in the cold.

Bitcoin is being recognised as stable

The growth of the Bitcoin value has been driven by institutional support. as the larger investment groups plow money into The Crypto market. They can see their asset base being diminished by rising inflation and the lack of opportunity for investment placements.

Just two years ago hardly an institution would consider an investment in this new market however now over 350,000 investors have a whole bitcoin and about 35 with billion-dollar investments. ( Michael Saylor)

They are not about to move away as the supply grows smaller and see this as a wealth hedge of stable value.
Where do you sit on that?

Using Bitcoin to make money


With a market that is desperate for returns and opportunities rare perhaps the crypto market does represent a financial store of value.

BitCoin represents nearly half of the total Crypto market and will rise to represent the equivalent security of Gold, the old world standard. With a current market cap of seven and one half trillion gold is going nowhere however it is only reasonable to expect bitcoin to have a similar value shortly.
That would mean A $360,000 bitcoin price as a starting block to take over as world standard.

Many of the better Altcoins will also represent significant value and rise in parallel to bitcoin making them equal in opportunity for investment.

The ride might be volatile as we have seen in the past however the trend is forever upward.

How high can Bitcoin go

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  1. The constant printing of money with nothing to back it up is what is causing my retirement funds to be worth less every year.  It is mind boggling to me that a currency with no physical presence can actually have worth. That is like saying that an idea that is still in someone’s mind has worth.  It only takes on worth when it gets tied to something in the physical plane, such as a book, song, car, house, etc.  I suppose NFT’s can have worth, since they can be viewed digitally like the pictures I design for my print on demand products.  If crypto’s have purchasing power, does that give them worth?  Perhaps.

    I was going to look you up to see if you are in the US, but I can’t find your name anywhere.  Would you consider researching and writing about the proposed Fair Tax legislation in the US?  It would totally revamp how we collect revenue for the government, and potentially create a boom economy that would benefit the entire world.

    • Unfortunately I am In Australia so have no background on US Taxes and have a doubt about “Fair Tax”

      Modern Money is all about printing to control inflation both which are out of hand in US and Au and GB as well.
      The pandemic has created a world not seen before and I think we are all struggling to fully understand where we are going.

      I believe a few thousand invested in the top three crypto players ( Bitcoin, Etherium and Solano )will save your retirement funds but who knows it may explode.

      Its not investment advice but what I have done.

      Peter H


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