Is there a better passive income than Crypto investing

After the current dip and unknown future, you would be well advised to add another income flow to save your losses.

Can you earn passive income online?

I was lucky to sell most of my portfolio days before the crash in 2022. However, Crypto investing is the future but all the eggs in one basket can be dangerous.
I don’t want cash laying in the bank and I can’t buy a property and get a payback so looked at the internet market. Every day there are sparkling opportunities offering instant returns but I have been around long enough to recognise bad products, I have bought a bundle and I wanted something that worked.

Is there a better passive income than Crypto investing

I wrote out my plan

I would only work with a known market professional.
All the set-up and websites would need to be done for me
The products offered had to offer buyer benefits
It needed to be a long-term project, not a quick cash grab. ( they don’t work)
My input and database were important
New business opportunities to be available
Communication is key to success it must be shown to be real.
Support services are available 24/7
Making money must be guaranteed
Finally, my investment must justify a return.

This was an important part of the process and one that was hard to justify by most marketing players

The way forward found me

It became obvious that a passive income online is not that easy as I rejected plan after plan.
First of all, I am not new to this business, I have been writing blogs for a few years ( over 1000) and building websites after graduating with honours from Wealthy Affiliate training program. I still run a small business, have a Crypto portfolio and have invested in shares so I am busy most of the time.

The more avenues of income you have the safer your future is because things happen and a good money spinner can become a bad one overnight. A change of laws or even a Google dislike can wipe out an income.

Is there a better passive income than Crypto investing

This is a program by a twenty-year veteran that has come up with all the answers.

He has a track record and is award-winning many times on Warrior Forum and JV Zoo
They set up a funnel for you and add the products to sell. It is all done.
A weekly live meeting is helpful plus you have real-time access to a private mentor
24-7 Support worldwide is available and active. These are employed workers not contractors
This is a term project that takes you to $10k a month and beyond

Therefore it ticked all the boxes.

Does it work?

Is there a better passive income than Crypto investing

Every day you will see income posts from members declaring in live videos how much they are making.
I get at least a payment every week and the odd big one to boot.

The stats are all available in a weblog that uploads regularly so you can see your performance.

Your part of the deal

While they do get customers they want you to promote on Social media and other ways you think will get clients. Once someone logs in they will get a stream of emails that really entice them to join.
This again is all done for you.

A safeguard for the members

Because this is so good you will be asked to sign a document stating you will not share the material. This is the starting point and they won’t let you in without signing.
Not sure if it is entirely legal or enforceable but it may keep the scammers at bay and you have nothing to lose by signing.


This is as close to a perfect deal as you can get. A small investment and a big return over a long journey with little work. Passive income at its best.

Is there a better passive income than Crypto investing? I have found it.

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